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Can you make electronic circuit without using wires? Well, we made this possible in today’s world. This is the point where paper circuit comes into existence. Explore more…

Enroll for Paper Circuit course

Interested in paper circuits? Want to learn more in-depth about paper circuit? Well, in that case, we bring our valuable and premium paper circuit course only for you.

Join our community

Join our community forum and become our quality member free of cost. Share your ideas, projects, doubts and queries and discuss with other community members.

Makers' playground

We provide a makerspace playground for all your projects. Join us and get access to all components and equipment. Develop any of your idea into reality.

DIY kits

We provide various DIY Kits across various domains. Some of our DIY kits are Paper circuit kits, Electronic kits, Raspberry Pi kits and Drone kits.

STEM education

It’s time to integrate the disciplines of education – science, technology, engineering
and mathematics (STEM) into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world
applications. Organise a workshop here.

Invention space

We provide invention space. If you have any innovative idea then come here.  Convert your idea into reality and show it to the world. We provide you every needed materials.

Electronic fabrication

We provide manufacturing support to our clients. We fabricate your PCB prototype, any 3D printer design, any arts and craft or electronic project.


Have an Idea, but confused to how to take it forward? We have expert panel of Mentors to help you out. Come and talk with us. We will do our best to fly you above in the sky. 


Want to educate your people about technology? Come and plan a workshop with us. We provide valuable learning to everyone updated with new technology and knowledge.


Get in touch with like-minded people and take up cross-disciplinary projects. Explore and learn everything from each other, addressing social causes to tinkering for fun.

Get skilled

If you want to pursue a career in hardware, electronics or learn new technologies,
you can get an opportunity to intern with us.


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