HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor


Power Features
Battery Type
  • N/A
No Of Batteries
  • N/A
Battery Size
  • N/A
Power Source
  • DC
Power Consumption
  • 5V DC
Other Power Features
  • Basic principle of operation: 1. Using IO pin TRIG trigger distance, to at least 10 us high level signals; 2. The module automatically sent eight 40 KHZ square wave, automatically detect whether there is signal back; 3. Have Received signal, through IO pin ECHO output a high level, the duration of the high level is the time of ultrasonic wave from launch to return. Distance = test (high level time * sound velocity (340 m/s)) / 2;

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  • arduino
Model Number
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Transducer Module Sensor
  • Educational
Minimum Age
  • 10
ROHS Complaint
  • Yes
  • Poly Steel


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