Class Room Paper Circuit Kit

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  • Banaao’s MakerTronic kit is created by a team of techy minimalists who believe in making electronics accessible and understandable for all. The DIY MakerTronic kit contains components essentially required to make easy and flexible circuits anywhere and everywhere.
  • What you actually make with this kit?
  • The answer is Paper Circuits, which are low voltage circuits that can be made without the hassling wires, PCBs or breadboards. All in all paper circuits are cost-efficient and user-friendly. They allow you to add another level of creativity and interactivity to any domain you choose.
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This kit contains the following maker’s tools:
1. Conductive Tape x 1 unit (2.5 ft)
2. Coin Cell Battery x 1 unit
3. LEDs x 2 units
4. Templates
The above items are enclosed in a cool easy to carry pouch.
This kit is quite versatile when it comes to usability. It can be used by anybody be it students, teachers, crafters, DIYers, designers, technocrats and artists. This kit is an absolute buy for any age group and allows the integration of thoughts and creativity with electronics.


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