MQ-135 gas sensor






Working Principle:

The MQ-135 gas sensor senses the gases like ammonia nitrogen, oxygen, alcohols, aromatic compounds, sulfide and smoke.. MQ-135 gas sensor can be implementation to detect the smoke, benzene, steam and other harmful gases. It has potential to detect different harmful gases. The MQ-135 gas sensor is low cost to purchase.



Pin Configuration:



⦁ Good sensitivity to harmful gases in wide range.

⦁ It has long life and low cost.

⦁ Possesses high sensitivity to ammonia, benzene, sulfide gases.

⦁ It is a simple drive circuit

Vcc: 5v
A0: Analog pin (A0 to A5)
D0: Digitl pi(2 to 13)



⦁ Air quality monitor

⦁ Detection of harmful gases

⦁ Domestic air pollution detection

⦁ Industrial pollution detection

⦁ Portable air pollution detection