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I want to buy Programmable Paper Circuit but what it is for?

What is Paper Circuit?

Paper Circuit is a novel technology by which you can make electronic circuits on paper or any other surface like wood, that too, without using wires.

Why Paper Circuit?

Paper Circuit lets you connect electronic components together without soldering. And you can make flexible circuits without any hassle.

What is soldering?

Soldering is a form of low-temperature welding in which we heat up components to 250-300 *C. And produces toxic fumes which can result in Headache and respiratory problems

What is a programmable paper circuit?

It is board compatible with the paper circuit to make the process of learning programming and electronics fun and creative.

What can I make using a programmable paper circuit?

You can many projects using the board and sensors.

What is unique about this board?

Our board has TouchPads which you can use in your projects to make them work. For eg. You can change the color of RGB led every time you touch the TouchPad on the board

I have bought Programmable Paper Circuit, Now what?

How do I program the board?

You can program the board using Arduino IDE which is a very popular open-source platform used among makers and DIYers.

I don’t know much of coding how can I program the board?

We have created an Arduino library that contains all the functions so you don’t have to write lines and lines of code. There are examples as well which you can use to make projects

How many Pins this board has?

Our board has 7 touch Pads, 8 digital pins, and 2 analog pins.

What else is present on the board?

One Green LED connected on pin 13, one RGB LED and one slide button.

How can I power the circuit?

You can use a mini USB cable with a 5V/1A power adaptor.

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