The Makers culture is picking up pace rapidly with more and more young people coming forward to lead the game. And why not, after all, makers culture is all about reigniting the hidden artisan in you. 

Makers are self-driven people who believe are solution-oriented and believe in DIY methods of solving a problem. Be it simply repairing an electric bulb or building drones that involve complex machinery; makers have a knack to develop and fix things on their own with whatever resources are available.

The motto of the Makers Movement screams that “Everybody is a Maker!”

As fancy it might sound, it is actually easier in practice. Makers are also just ordinary people who act on their inquisitiveness and aren’t hesitant in experimenting with their potential and skills. You don’t really need to be a Dexter to build new things or develop some unique gadgets; all you need is some basic skills, a little curiosity, and resilience to experiment.

If you are someone who is intrigued by the Makers movement and is looking forward to being a maker, then what is the wait for. Tinkering does not require you to study some rocket science or sophisticated engineering theorems, all you have to do is get started by tinkering with the stuff around and comprehending the very basics of the same.

However, if you are confused about where to start from, then worry not, we are here for your rescue. Here is a list of some basic maker skills you can easily learn this summer and give a headstart to your journey as a maker!

  1. 3D- Printing

3D printing is one of the coolest makers skill you can learn just by watching some tutorials online or by a short visit to a workshop with a 3D printer installed. The 3D print tech is really cool and technology from the future.  It is more becoming increasingly popular and more and more industries are coming forward to experiment with this futuristic technology


  1. Soldering

Soldering is another skill that can be learned easily but will stay with you throughout your life as a maker. When dealing with electronics and metal items; soldering is a skill that will come handy in building new gadgets out of scratch.

  1. Woodworking 

You don’t always have to be a carpenter to understand woodworking tools. In fact, woodcutting, scripture carving, nailing is more like a life skill you should know to save on some money and can also make you a hero in your children’s eyes. 

Be it building a birdhouse out of plain wood or simply cutting down wood slabs, woodworking is makers thing and is super fun to do!

  1. Basic Computer Programming

Anyone can learn basic computer programming!

 Even if you’re a non-tech student and are haunted by the idea of coding, then hold on and catch your breath. Programming isn’t as complex as it seems and in fact, basic programming is as easy as learning any other language.

Knowing basic JAVA scripting and understanding the code flow is enough to keep you going as a maker programmer.

  1. Electronics made simple

As a maker, tinkering with electronics comes by instinct. Thus, information over basic electronic gadgets like sensors, microcontrollers, circuits, batteries, voltage reading, capacitors, etc, is important and will be very helpful throughout your Makers journey. Just knowing the name of the gadgets and its application will be enough to get started with electronics.