Have you ever wondered how to embed electronics on paper? How to make flexible circuits yourself? Wondering how to brighten up your origami creations or make interactive greeting cards, flyers and everything around you?

At the intersection of Art & Technology, a novel piece of technology – ‘Paper Circuits’ enable us to embed electronics anywhere & everywhere into simple things around us and make them interactive. This DIY kit is your gateway to learn technology in one of the most fun & engaging ways.


    Paper Circuits — The Story Behind

    “You can‘t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” – Steve Jobs

    The first time I made a paper circuit with a aluminium foil, I didn’t even knew if something exists with the name of “Paper Circuits”. What started as a self-learning experiment during college years, to make an interactive marketing flyer, has turned today into a complete DIY kit & workshop modules enabling people from multi-disciplinary domains to experience the power of electronics and embed it anywhere.

    Adding technology to art & craft creations, this piece of technology opens multiple avenues for students, especially girls, in our country who hesitate learning science & electronics but have extensive interest in art/craft & creative pursuits. This is the product which can take hands-on learning to everyone’s home and can truly inculcate the scientific temperament among every Indian.

    For all those starting to learn electronics, soldering wire & joints is a dreaded exercise. While we hesitate giving soldering iron to young students due to safety hazard, non-techies get irritated by soldering fumes. Struggling with wires and soldering, limits our curiosity to learn electronics and explore it’s applications while adding a learning curve to it.

    India’s first and only, DIY kit for “Tinkering with Paper Circuits” replaces wires with flexible conductive tape which require no soldering.  It’s a perfect solution for beginners, young students, designers, artists etc. to embed electronics into their creations.


    Unique Advantages of the PaperTronics DIY Kit

    >World’s most extensively thought paper circuit kit with multiple user-testing points incorporated for easy handling and choice of components

    > No soldering required

    > No pre-requisite knowledge or experience of working with electronics required

    > Comes with a user manual and multiple templates to get you started

    > Completely safe to be used by young students alone by themselves

    > Promotes girls awareness towards STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) streams by combing arts & crafts activities with electronics

    > Paper circuits can be embedded almost everywhere, any paper, cardboard, wall, wood, plastic etc.,  enabling technology to become a part of our daily life

    > Extremely cost effective


    Order your PaperTronics DIY kit right now or request a workshop to learn the technique.