150 RPM BO Motors


This is a standard low cost low voltage durable Dual Shaft Plastic Gear BO Motor running at 150 RPM. It is most suitable for light weight robot running on voltages between 5V-9V. Out of its two shafts one shaft can be connected to wheel, while the other can be connected to an encoder

Specifications of BO Motor L1 SHAFT 150 RPM

·        RPM: 150

·        Operating Voltage: 3 Volts to 9 Volts

·        Current Consumption:  40 to 180 ma

·        Gear materials: plastic

·        Motor types: Permanent-magnet.

·        Torque: Approximate 0.8 Kg/cm.




  • Gear materials: Plastic.
  • Motor types: Permanent-magnet.
  • Brush-type: Brush.
  • Uncommitted motors: Homopolar motors.
  • Magnet types: ferrite magnets.
  • Torque multiplication: Generate a large force at a low speed.
  • Cost effectiveness of the injection-molding process.
  • Elimination of machining operations.
  • Low density: lightweight, low inertia.
  • Uniformity of parts.
  • Capability to absorb shock and vibration as a result of elastic compliance.
  • Ability to operate with minimum or no lubrication, due to inherent lubricity.
  • Relatively low coefficient of friction.
  • Corrosion-resistance; elimination of plating, or protective coatings.
  • Quietness of operation.
  • Tolerances often less critical than for metal gears, due in part to their greater resilience.
  • Consistency with trend to greater use of plastic housings and other components.





  • Battery-operated toys.
  • Disk drives Steel rolling mills Paper.
  • Machines Medical equipment.
  • Radio-controlled aircraft.
  • Automobiles Drive systems Positioning.
  • Industrial and consumer actuators Winches Robotics Mixers.
  • Robotic projects.